Stryker Generation Plant

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Project Description

Stryker Creek 138kV Switchyard

New Summerfield, Texas

G&AI provided terrestrial laser scanning services for the Stryker Generation Plant 138kV switchyard and 1.1-mile of 138kV pole replacements adjacent to the switch. The 138kV switchyard had developed ponding areas throughout the years; terrestrial laser scanning was utilized to determine the exact locations of the areas that were prone to ponding, as conventional ground surveying on a grid type basis did not determine those areas. All foundations within the switchyard were modeled along with the HIGH BUS and LOW BUS along with a 25’ grid and identification of the areas that were prone to ponding. Since the scanner was mobilized, the client also requested modeling for seven 138kV transmission poles within a 100-foot corridor (50’ right and 50’ left of the existing centerline) for a future rebuild. All attachment points, 10 points along the conductor wire sag, and shield wires were modeled along with a report of the time and temperature of the scans. The deliverables included a tin model, of the switchyard and 100 foot wide corridor with grade breaks and planimetric data identified, a PLS listing of all points identified and an AutoCAD drawing of the contours, planimetrics and tin model.