Professional Land Surveying

A successful project is based on the quality of the survey.

G&AI understands this fundamental requirement, and it is on this tenet that the firm was founded.

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Aerial Photogrammetry

Aerial Photogrammetry

This includes corridor projects, such as highways, railways, pipelines, etc.

Mobile LiDAR

G&AI offers a complete mobile mapping solution

from hardware to post-processing.

Mobile LiDAR

Point cloud of lake features collected with the mobile LiDAR system

placed on a boat – colorized by elevation


Gorrondona & Associates, Inc.

Gorrondona & Associates, Inc., (G&AI) is a Texas Corporation with offices located in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio providing full-service professional land surveying, geographic information systems (GIS), Mobile LiDAR, aerial photogrammetric/LiDAR,  unmanned aerial system mapping (UAS), and terrestrial scanning.

Founded in 1990, G&AI serves public and private sector clients including; state and regional transportation agencies, governmental entities, municipalities and counties, consultants, telecommunications, rail, airports, local water districts, state water boards, K-12 and higher education, oil and gas industry, petroleum chemical plants, private development, and power companies.

G&AI offers a unique combination of knowledge and talents allowing for timely and accurate completion of your project.

Career Opportunities

What Our Clients Say

…Gorrondona & Associates has worked with the City of Fort Worth for the past 19 years. I am pleased to say that I find this firm to be very responsive and carry out their work in a very professional manner.
Liam Conlon, City of Fort Worth
…Gorrondona & Associates have been able to provide a consistent and superior survey product during sometimes less than ideal situations with regard to time constraints and overall situational environments. They have adhered to specifications and requirements necessary for the needs of this municipality…
Todd Wright, Senior Real Estate Specialist, Trinity River Corridor Project, City of Dallas
This consultant has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that TxDOT was satisfied with its deliverables. Project manager (Bud Hodgin) is very easy to work with and is very professional when it comes to conducting business with us.
Charles T. Hervey, Jr., Survey Project Manager, TxDOT Dallas District
They work with us on virtually an on-call basis and routinely meet our requirements for schedule and budget. I anticipate their continued work with NTMWD for the foreseeable future.
Jerry L. Lehew, RPLS, Land Services Division, North Texas Municipal Water District
Gorrondona & Associates has provided excellent survey data for the T and Trinity Railway Express for at least 14 years. Their data-base is unrivalled, and their response to challenges is admirable.
Kenneth G. Frost, Vice President/Project Management, Fort Worth Transportation Authority