G&AI’s unique dual-collection system to capture pavement distresses and asset inventories in one pass.

G&AI Pavement Condition Survey Vehicle 3D imaging camera.

G&AI Pavement and Asset Mission Planning.

G&AI Pavement Condition Survey Vehicle 3D imaging camera.

G&AI’s web-based software to view an entire roadway network from the office.

Pavement Engineering

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In addition to mobile LiDAR design-grade mapping and asset management services, G&AI also collects ASTM standardized pavement data used to assess the condition of both asphalt and concrete surfaces. G&AI’s pavement system is approved by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) and is equipped with the latest computer, sensor, and video equipment designed to efficiently collect laser data and video images of the roadway surface. The data is collected to provide specific information about  roadway distresses and pavement performance with respect to ride quality. Information extracted from asphalt and concrete surface data provide network and project-level condition assessments, performance trend analyses, needs assessments,  and program level decision making to both public/private sector entities.

This leading-edge technology uses a 3D camera to capture a laser line as it’s projected over the surface of the pavement and uses the location of this line to measure height deviations of the roadway surface. The height deviations can be plotted and used to calculate rutting on both wheel paths. The camera provides enough data speed to capture several profiles at every inch. Each profile consists of thousands of points across the lane, covering more than an entire lane and providing the ability to discern up to 2mm cracking on the road surface—at highway speeds.

G&AI’s ability to capture both pavement data (ASTM Specifications) and assets simultaneously offers a tremendous savings to our public and private sector clients. G&AI’s “One collection—multiple uses” methodology is the most cost effective infrastructure management solution on the market.  Final pavement data can be delivered in geodatabase format or by our web-hosted online viewer allowing the end-user to take existing GIS data and overlay/integrate with the new pavement information.

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G&AI’s Pavement Engineering Division’s capabilities include the following:

Equipped with state-of-the-art, 3D Pavement Condition Survey Systems (PCSS), our team of engineers and technicians provide automated and semi-automated condition surveys as well as windshield and boots-on-the-ground surveys when appropriate.

Our pavement inspection team has more than 200 person-years of experience and has inspected over 250,000 miles of roadway pavements as well as hundreds of airfield pavements.  Our team has extensive experience performing ASTM D6433 and D5340 Pavement Condition Index (PCI) surveys, TXDOT Pavement Management Information System (PMIS) surveys, PASER surveys, NWPMA condition surveys, as well as custom pavement surveys to meet agency specific needs.

Our team has extensive experience with several pavement management systems, including the US Army Corps of Engineer’s PAVER™ pavement management system, Cartegraph™, StreetSaver™, AgileAssets™ and several others.  We also offer the CloudPAVER™ hosted pavement management solution.
Our road surface profiling system meets International Roughness Index (IRI) standards defined in ASTM E950 and E1926.  Our 3D Pavement Condition Survey System (PCSS) also captures 3D transverse profile data for the most complete rutting evaluations currently available.
Our team provides Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) testing and analysis services.  We also provide coring and boring services necessary for pavement layer thickness and corresponding stiffness evaluations.
Our team has performed customized, on-site and web-based training for agencies in Texas and across the nation.  We focus on developing practical, effective training programs that meet specific pavement management needs.


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