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Construction Materials Testing

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Construction Materials Testing involves construction quality control that is maintained through the acquisition and rapid dissemination of accurate construction materials testing information. Collected information is then used to confirm or adjust construction materials or methods to conform to project requirements.

To accomplish, two key factors must be in place,

  1. trained, competent field and laboratory personnel, and
  2. test data and inspection results must be accurately and rapidly distributed to the project team. G&AI has built its business around consistently meeting both requirements.

In an industry with a traditionally high labor turnover rate, G&AI has been able to maintain a field and laboratory staff with relatively low turnover. This has been accomplished primarily by creating and maintaining a respectful work environment where individuals are appreciated, open communication is encouraged and meaningful work assignments are made available. We also encourage personal and professional growth providing both internal and external training programs. We strive to achieve “Best Practice” among all of our staff. Technicians maintain NICET, ACI F-Number Measurement, and TxDOT certifications. Our outstanding record of Safety is a result of our continued investment in our staff to ensure that our technicians are skilled in technical and safety procedures.

  • Auger Cast Pile Inspection
  • Compressive Strength Inspection and Testing
  • Concrete Cores and Beams
  • Fireproofing Inspection and Testing
  • Floor Flatness and levelness Inspection
  • In-Place Moisture and Density Tests
  • Lime Determination, Depth Checks and Pulverization
  • Masonry Inspection and Testing
  • Belled and Straight Shaft Pier Inspection
  • Post Tension Inspection
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspection
  • Roofing Inspection
  • Structural Steel Inspection
  • Special Laboratory Testing
G&AI’s Fort Worth laboratory is accredited by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and also meets the requirements of ASTM E329. Laboratory testing is conducted in strict accordance with applicable state, federal, and international standards including TxDOT, ASTM, and ISO. Furthermore, the laboratory is governed by our Quality Assurance Manual program with technicians certified under ACI, NICET, TxDOT and other agencies.

G&AI also participates in CCRL and AASHTO AMRL proficiency sampling programs.

G&AI’s proprietary CMT reporting system differentiates G&AI from the rest of our competition.  G&AI developed and utilizes an electronic laboratory management and report generation HTML-based software system that leads the industry.  This reporting system has significantly contributed to G&AI’s growth.

Reports are distributed via email to recipients pre-determined by the client. At the discretion of the client, reports can be selectively delivered to email recipients, so that, for example, concrete subcontractors only receive CMT reports related to concrete, if desired by the client.

G&AI’s Extranet allows clients to access information in yet another way. By using the Client Login, clients can have immediate access to all CMT data generated for all of the client’s projects; resulting in the client having real-time information on any of its projects – reports are delivered quickly and reports are delivered cost-effectively.

CMT report turnaround is typically one day. For instance, if we are performing compaction tests on a site today, the client typically has the final report tomorrow. In the case of concrete, the break report is typically delivered on the same day of the cylinder break. This system automates report tracking, generation, and cost calculation. G&AI’s streamlined operations reduce report generation time and costs allowing us to focus on your project and not the paperwork. This system is second to none and solely available through G&AI.