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Project Description

Gross Road Bridge Project

Dallas, Texas

This was a LiDAR mapping project on 2-miles of US 80 centered on the Gross Road overpass. Established three Type II primary control points based on TxDOTs Virtual Reference System (VRS), and set 11 secondary control points. Acquired aerial LiDAR mapping using a Riegal full waveform laser scanner with an approximate acquisition density of 40 points per square meter. Collected break lines for roadway centerline, edge of pavement, ditchlines, and turnouts. Extracted 1 contours from DTM and merged break lines with LiDAR digital elevation model (DEM) to create final DTM. Located and measured flowlines on drainage features consisting of drop inlets, curb inlets, and reinforced concrete pipes under the ramps. Acquired terrestrial laser scanning of the substructure of the Gross Road overpass detailing columns, bents, beams and abutments.

Delivered digital orthophotography raster image file in uncompressed TIFF format and a Orthophoto Mosaic in a compressed format, LiDAR point file in LAS format, planimetric mapping in 2D MicroStation V8i format, DTM and contour line data in a 3D MicroStation V8i format, TIN data in a GeoPak format file, signed and sealed data sheets for GPS primary control monuments, and an ASCII points file for ground control.