Denton County Transportation Authority

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Project Description

Denton County Transportation Authority Transfer Stations

Denton, Texas

G&AI was subcontracted to perform surveying services associated with the acquisition and design of proposed transfer stations on the new Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) line. G&AI performed ownership research on the properties to be acquired by DCTA and on the properties adjoining the proposed transfer station sites. G&AI utilized existing DCTA horizontal and vertical control points to perform the boundary surveys and topographic mapping. G&AI also located and verified local benchmarks to provide the datum for existing utility lines and located FEMA benchmarks to provide the basis for the design of improvements within floodplain areas. The FEMA data also allowed the design engineers to calculate low chord elevations on proposed bridges and connections located within the 100-year flood zone. G&AI furnished DCTA with boundary surveys performed to the standards and specifications of a Texas Society of Professional Surveyors’ Category 1A survey. DCTA used these boundary surveys to acquire the property for their transfer stations. G&AI performed the topographic mapping of each property locating improvements, utilities, adjoining streets and roadways, driveways and existing rail lines. G&AI provided a hard copy drawing to the design team with the boundary lines, buildings, utilities, streets, driveways and adjoining properties along with a digital drawing file, a digital terrain model (DTM) with 1-foot contours, point files, photographs and copies of deeds and utility plans.

Once the design of the facilities was approved by DCTA, G&AI was asked to perform the platting services on the transfer station sites. G&AI coordinated with the City of Denton and the City of Lewisville’s staff to ensure their regulations and procedures were understood and all of their platting criteria were met. G&AI prepared the plats, descriptions and certifications to each of the cities’ standards and showed any new utility easements required for the sites. G&AI obtained all signatures required for the owners, cities or franchise utilities and followed the process closely to respond to any questions the cities, design engineers or DCTA might have and to make certain the platting process with smoothly and in a timely manner.

The list of the DCTA transfer sites are as follows:

  • Denton Regional Medical Center Station, a 12.805 acre site in Denton, Texas
  • DCTA Old Town Station, a 9.085 acre site in Lewisville, Texas
  • DCTA Lake Lewisville Station, a 2.549 acre site in Lewisville, Texas
  • DCTA Hebron Station, a 9.266 acre site in Lewisville, Texas