Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

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Project Description

Transfer Station and NE Police Station

Dallas, Texas

G&AI was contracted by DART to perform surveying services associated with the design of the transfer station and DART’s NE police station. G&AI performed the deed research on the parent tract of land and adjoining properties. G&AI utilized existing DART control monuments and verified the three closest DWU benchmarks associated with utility plan sets. G&AI performed the boundary survey and the topographic mapping of the 6.859 acre site. G&AI located all improvements, utilities, driveways, LBJ access road, adjacent rail lines and existing facilities. G&AI furnished DART with the boundary survey, topographic survey, digital terrain model (DTM) with 1-foot contour lines and digital files created to DART’s CADD standards.

After the design of the transfer station was approved by DART, G&AI was asked to provide the platting services for the facility. The platting was performed to City standards working closely with subdivision staff to ensure all requirements were met and to receive departmental approval.