CREZ Big Hill to Kendall new 345kV Transmission Line2017-12-12T11:58:29+00:00

Project Description

Lower Colorado River Authority

Schleicher, Sutton, Kimble, Kerr, Gillespie, and Kendall, Counties Texas

This project involves the design of 139 miles of 345kV, double circuit, transmission lines. G&AI’s scope of work included GIS mapping, survey construction staking, and subsurface utility engineering (SUE). SUE was utilized to identify, locate, and map existing underground utilities at each proposed angle location to insure the validity of the alignment. Quality Level D records research was performed through the Texas Railroad Commission along with obtaining utility records from the affected utility owners for the whole route. Quality Level B SUE was performed to identify and map utilities in close proximity (within 80 feet) of 739 tower locations.

G&AI has completed the construction staking for approximately 70 miles and the SUE for approximately 105 miles. Currently, G&AI is assisting LCRA with the staking of the lattice towers for construction and the completion of the SUE for the remaining 66 miles of the project which is still in design. At this time, the current schedule indicates these efforts well be completed on time and under budget.