City of Midland Fresh Water District No. 1

City of Midland Fresh Water District No. 12017-12-12T11:44:23+00:00

Project Description

T-Bar Well Field Development and Delivery Project

Kermit to Midland, Texas

This project was an accelerated design/build water transmission pipeline being approximately 70 miles in length and approximately 27 miles of well field collection piping. The well field had 50 proposed wells spread out over 7000 acres, and three storage tanks with pump stations along the route.

As a sub-consultant to Black and Veatch, G&AI was responsible for several tasks which included surveying and aerial mapping. The surveying task comprised of setting survey control, boundary, supplemental centerline profile, and easement staking along the entire alignment. G&AI established horizontal and vertical control points every 1500’ based on the Texas State Plane Coordinate System NAD 83, Central Zone, with NAVD 88 elevations. G&AI performed boundary surveys over the entire length of the waterline that extended several miles on either side of the proposed alignment. G&AI staked out all 50 proposed wells under the Black and Veatch contract. The aerial mapping comprised of a 10 mile wide by 70 mile long flight in which the photogrammetric mapping of the water line and well field was captured. G&AI set 80 aerial panels for flight control in the well field and along the waterline route.

Deliverables included an AutoCAD drawing file of the base property map and features located, along with topographic mapping with 2’ contour intervals, Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and digital color orthophotography with 1’ pixel resolution. G&A also prepared a right-of-way map and legal descriptions with exhibits for easement acquisition across 40 large parcels of land some of which contained thousands of acres.

As a sub-consultant to Garney Construction G&AI was responsible for the layout of the main transmission line. The layout comprised of a centerline and offset stake on +/-100’ stations based on the pipe lay schedules and at all points of intersection, points of curvature and points of tangency. G&AI also provided the construction staking and layout of the +/-27 miles of well field collection pipeline, three storage tanks, and pump station sites.

The total duration of this project from when the survey control was set to the valve turning ceremony to deliver the water to the city was almost one year to the date.