Bringing mobile mapping in-house with the most innovative solution on the market allows the Texas-based firm to provide a faster turnaround and better deliverables.

Gorrondona & Associates, Inc. Strengthens Mobile Mapping Capabilities with the Pegasus:One

FORT WORTH (August 12, 2014) Gorrondona & Associates, Inc. (G&AI) is pleased to announce the expansion of its surveying and mapping capabilities with the purchase of the Leica Pegasus:One mobile mapping solution. In September, G&AI will be the first company in the United States to upgrade to the new Pegasus:Two mobile LiDAR system.

G&AI serves public and private sector clients including; state and regional transportation agencies, governmental entities, municipalities and counties, consultants, telecommunications, rail, airports, local water districts, state water boards, K-12 and higher education, oil and gas industry, petroleum chemical plants, private development, and power companies.

A complete mobile mapping solution from hardware to post processing – extracting GIS features, to creating digital terrain models; the Pegasus:One captures calibrated imagery and point cloud data and enables processing, visualization, and interpretation through a single, user-intuitive, ESRI compatible software platform. The compact, portable system does not require a dedicated vehicle and can be mounted to an all-terrain vehicle or watercraft. It provides the ability to capture high-quality data at roadway speeds with the accuracy of design surveys and the throughput of asset management.

Unlike other mobile mapping systems, the Pegasus:One requires limited survey control to be set along the project limits—a tie-in to a global positioning system (GPS) base station is all that is needed to ensure survey-grade accuracy.


  • Limited survey control is required (other systems require control set at 600 foot intervals to ensure design quality data)
  • Ability to create more data than conventional surveys (at 60mph a LiDAR cross section is taken every 4 inches)
  • Data Reduction Speed (1 hour of drive time = 2 hours processing time (other systems have a ratio of 1 hour drive time = 8 hours processing time)
  • Portability – mounts on any vehicle platform. Safety – collection at posted highway speeds without risking personnel in traffic to collect road/rail/survey data.


  • 360 degree video capture with 6 cameras
  • IMU applies 200 corrections per second to GPS coordinates
  • Synchronized video with point cloud data set
  • Positional accuracy 2cm horizontally and 1.5cm vertically
  • Collects over 1.1m points per second at 200 rps (revolutions per second)
  • Data collected 120 meters left and right RGB video colors can be used to colorize the point cloud data

G&AI is currently using the system on projects for the Texas Department of Transportation, water projects, municipal GIS projects, and electric utility projects. Other applications include design-build services on complex interstate highway projects, where the Pegasus:One can be used to quickly and accurately map bridge superstructures; municipal asset management (GIS); and power transmission line mapping.

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